Happiness and success


Photo provided by Rick Gonzalez.

Patricia Magpantay

It’s easy to think that success and happiness are strongly correlated but in many situations they can contradict each other.

     Differentiating the line between success and happiness can be difficult as there is a fine line between them. Success does not equal happiness, but happiness can lead you to success. It’s a mindset and perspective on how you choose to look at situations and life and how you choose to fight your battles. Success is a standard, it’s setting a goal and achieving them. Happiness is a mindset of being content and appreciate certain aspects of our life.

     One of our own star football players, senior Diego Gonzalez (Div. 931) experienced a concussion which caused him to take a step back from the field to prevent his condition from getting worse.

     “It was really upsetting, for the past 10 years it was all I worked for, training, going to camp, I was really excited to play my senior year. It was disappointing knowing that I couldn’t. But I learned that it was the best for my health. I joined Latin dance and I’m able to still play baseball to keep me busy. I think my success in football made me happy but at the end of the day I still have my family and friends and having to join other activities made me become closer to others,” said Gonzalez.

     Gonzalez’s triumph over his injury is an excellent example of how happiness is a mindset and led him to a path of success. However, situations can differ and happiness may not always be a priority. Everyone has responsibilities like school, work, family, friends, and they have to put off their own personal happiness for later.

     Junior Giuseppe Camarda (Div. 047) said, “I think being successful is what can lead you to having a happier life than you would have if you didn’t achieve success. Sometimes you might need to set your current happiness aside in order to succeed now and be happy later with what you’ve achieved.”

While some may seek happiness in success and achieving in goals, the only way to truly be happy is in your own mindset, appreciating the simpler things, realizing the people you have and acknowledging the privilege of having them.yourself.”

Before you commit, it’s always important to know yourself and everything that goes into a relationship. Once you got that down, the rest comes naturally.