Eagles Flying Down the Court

By: Jared Wallace

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      William Howard Taft’s basketball team managed to win against the Ogden Owls on Monday, February 4th with a final score of 58 to 52. This now pushes the Eagles into the City brackets for basketball.

      The Taft eagles managed to have a very good lead in the game, ending off the first half with a 15 point lead and decided to make a stand for the win, not letting up and finishing it off. When asked about how he thought of the outcome of the game, Coach Jason Tucker said, “I think we need a lot of work. They [Ogden] out hustled us, so I don’t think we should’ve won the game. I expect us to work a lot harder with the next games.”

      The eagles did have some slip ups, giving quite a few turnovers throughout the game. They also managed to acquire enough fouls to give the Owls bonus free throws. This caused the close comeback, but Taft held it together to make it through the game. The game seemed like it was never going to end, as the constant back and forth movements sporadically started and stopped into team cohesion with ease.

      The player who seemed to carry the weight of the team on his shoulders that game was Matthew Lesch (Div. 031). Lesch scored 23 points during the game, giving the team the inspiration and drive to push through towards the end. Coach Tucker even said he “played great this game.” When Lesch was asked for how he felt about the game, he said, “I feel pretty good for the game, and my teammates helped me out a lot. After such a slow start to the season, we’re finally starting to come around.”

      They hope to make a deep run at City and possibly sooner. Athletic Director Mark Madden said via email, “I am an advocate if everything is done correctly by coaches and players working cohesively and building the community, success will start to come and the program will adhere to excellence. It takes all of us together to achieve the expected results for the present and future.” Watch as the team proves him right with the upcoming games.

Matthew Lesch taking the ball up court during a home game for the Eagles.
Photo provided by Jared Wallace.