Not Just a Boys’ Sport


Freshman Kaila Del Toro ending her winning match with a pin.

Melissa Parra, Reporter


This winter, freshman Kaila Del Toro (Div. 226 ) joined the wrestling team, being one of the few female wrestlers at Taft.

    Del Toro has always had a passion for physical activities. Growing up, she enjoyed “roughhousing with her siblings”. From then on, she knew she wanted to be active in sports and decided Wrestling was the best way to establish herself for her upcoming three years at Taft.

     “She has been doing great, for a first-year wrestler. She has won the Freshman/Sophomore city championship and has won a couple other tournaments. She’ll be entered in the Freshman/Sophomore, however, I don’t know if she’ll be able to wrestle with guys or not, but I know she wants too. Next year the IHSA is all girls, so she’ll just wrestle with girls next year officially,” said Wrestling Coach Brad Engle.

      When asked about being a female wrestler and her goals towards wrestling, Del Toro states, “ I want to be a known female wrestler. I think it’s pretty cool, and I don’t really want to be seen as a girl while I’m wrestling cause then people will start going easier on you and  I want to get better by them going harder on me. I feel like its a bigger challenge if I’m wrestling guys cause then when I end up wrestling girls, I’ll hopefully dominate.”

     Wrestling is a co-ed sport, yet the majority are male wrestlers. To those females that are interested in the sport, “ Don’t be afraid to try new things but know that you’re not joining just to join and be a female wrestler, you’re joining to be a wrestler and to get stronger and work harder,” says Del Toro.  

     Wishing much luck to Kaila, as she continues her wrestling career at Taft excelling against all odds to make it to the top.