Winter Dance Showcase


Orchesis hosted the Winter Dance Show, and performed to their piece on “mean Girls”, “ Latch” and “Non Stop” which was featured in the ‘Dance Chicago 2018 Performance’.

Melissa Parra , Reporter

On December 20, 2018, the Orchesis dance club hosted the very first Winter Dance Showcase, a holiday themed concert, as a kick off to winter break.

Several of Taft’s dance organization’s put together a number and performed it to their classmates; a perfect way to show off the multiple diverse dance groups the school has to offer.

Alexsandra Jados, sponsor of the Orchesis dance club and the performance coordinator believes that the concert will bring opportunities to the different dance groups, showing off their hard work that’s been put in throughout the year.       

“It gave a chance for those students in those clubs to perform for their peers cause they dont have alot of performance opportunities just because they are clubs. They all perform on I-night at the end of the year but that’s their big thing and that’s not till June,” says Jados. “ I wanted to give them something to work towards, because they all work so hard after school everyday so I really wanted to give them an opportunity to perform and give opportunities for their peers to see them perform as well,” she adds.

The line up consisted of: Orchesis as the first act of the night performing their piece titled “Mean Girls,” followed by Elicit Motion’s “Christmas Hip-Hop Mashup,” Kpop performing to “Bad Boy and Rumor,”  Folklorico Dance Club piece to “El Toro Mambo,” Orchesis performing to “ Latch,” Unlocked dancing to various artists, Vivid performing to “ Heart Shaker,” and ending once again with Orchesis performing to a piece titled “ Non Stop.”

With a plethora of unique performances, the dancers themselves, had enjoyed the show to the fullest.

I feel like it went really well and we worked really hard and pushed ourselves these past couple of weeks in order to accomplish it all and it was a lot of work but  think in the end it paid off.” says Micaela Martinez, Div. 116.

Aside from the performers, member of the audience would agree that the concert was a hit.

Alison Craig (Div. 047) said after watching the performances that “I have friends who are in some of the dance groups and knowing that they worked so hard, I’m glad to see that they hard worked paid off and I loved how much fun the other groups were to perform as well.”

Being the first time debuting on stage for members of Unlocked, Folklorico and Vivid dance groups, the pressure didn’t stop them.

“We were nervous at first but once we like got on and the music started we all forgot about our nerves and we just like had fun with it,” says Lena Delapena (Div. 229) from Vivid. As with many of our new groups, they hope to be able to share this feeling with many others, as they continue to grow and inspire others to join the family.

As for Elicit Motion, one of Taft’s fan favorite groups, having done many performances in the past, they believe that there was no exception and that there is always room for improvement.

“There are obviously some mistakes but a lot of these guys have been under a lot of pressure and I am just really proud about how it went considering everything,” says Mia Warren, Div.  915.

With many new and returning groups, the performers hope that they’ll be given the opportunity to do more shows and bring awareness to their clubs by gathering the attention of many eagles and hopefully recruit new members.