The Start of this years Lady Eagles


Taft girls battling for the rebound. Photo by Deanna Gordor

Melissa Parra, Reporter

The Girls Basketball team starts off with incredible talent as they work their way into achieving their goals in making it to state, as the season starts with lots of room for improvement, with Varsity already having their first game on Nov. 13, with just a few weeks of practice, ended up losing to Fenwick with a score of 58-43.

     They managed to do their best and are working to improve upon their work. “I think we are off to a really good start, we have a lot of potential, we have a very difficult schedule this year so I think that we can do very well with that and we have a lot of talent on the team,” says senior, Caitlin Nicholson ( DIV. 916). “We still need a lot of work on our defense but offence is looking good and I think with more practice we’ll definitely have a good season”

     As, Head Coach, Kirk Vidas says, “we have the capabilities of pulling off some big upsets this year, I wouldn’t say their upsets but winning some games we didn’t win last year. It’s all going to come down to how smart we play, if we can to certain things like rebound cause we don’t have a very tall team and those are critical elements in a game and again, we are gonna have to rebound and play good defence.”

         However, an early rough start is not going to bring the team down as they all work their best to reach their full potential as sophomore, Emily Sanders (DIV. 122) who plays on the Junior Varsity team, mentions, “ were doing really well, we have practice everyday so we are working hard. We want to make it to state.”

          “All our games are big we play a very challenging schedule this year, and that’s because we have a few girls that are pretty good and we’ve tried to build this program, for the last 20 years that I’ve been here, and now we’ve reached a point where we’re playing the top competition in the city, so all the games are tough games,” says coach Vidas.

     Their is no room for giving up this basketball season, as they continue to build up on on their legacy and take on the challenges that are yet to come.     

    Vidas mentions, “ It’s a challenge and I think our girls are up to it.”